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Bottom-living. Typical benthic organisms are sea urchins and sea stars. Although it is possible that some fish species may be truly benthic, it is usual to describe fish which spend most of their time on or close to the seabed as demersal.


Minimum spawning stock biomass, or limit biomass. See Precautionary Approach.


Precautionary biomass. See Precautionary Approach.


The lines (or sweeps) connecting a net to the main towing line, or in the case of static gear, to an anchor or buoy line.

By catch

Or bycatch. Species within the catch which have been caught incidentally, in addition to the target species towards which fishing effort is directed. It may be retained if a vessel has quota to land it, or some or all of it may be returned to the sea as discards, usually dead or dying.

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