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Seafood Scotland from net to plate

Seafood Scotland was set up “by the industry for the industry” in 1999 to increase the
value of return to the Scottish seafood sector.  Seafood Scotland, in its role as an inter branch organisation under Article 13 of Council Regulation (EC) 104/2000 will undertake measures of common interest that benefit the seafood sector.  Seafood Scotland's activities will respect the aid intensities allowed by articles 17, 19 and 20 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 736/2008 on state aid to small and medium sized enterprises active in the production, processing and marketing of fisheries products. The board consists of representatives from the Scottish catching, seafood
processing and fish farming sectors, with board meetings joined by observers from the Scottish Government,
Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Dealing with all seafood species, Seafood Scotland is a non-political organisation that works throughout the supplychain
with fishermen, fish/shellfish farmers, processors, retailers, food service companies, caterers, NGOs and consumers. A small
organisation, Seafood Scotland’s strength lies in its “hands on” approach, level of expertise and high credibility
within the seafood industry.


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