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Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference 2017Logodate

27 - 28 April, Eden Court, Inverness

The fourth Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference kicks off on the afternoon of Thursday 27th April with a session to introduce the EMFF funded Scottish Inshore Fisheries Integrated Data System or ‘SIFIDS’ Project. This project will focus on using new technologies and processes to improve data collection and use within Scotland’s inshore fsheries, with the intent of reducing the reporting burden on fishermen and improving the information base on which fisheries management decisions are made. This session is then followed by the official opening of the conference at an evening reception at Eden Court (17.30-19.00) and all delegates are welcome to attend this.

netsOn Friday 28th April 2017, Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity will open the day, and delegates will also have the opportunity to attend sessions on a variety of subjects including fsheries management challenges and actions, Brexit, and marketing the local catch. There will be ample opportunity for networking, visiting stands, speaking to representatives from a range of organisations, celebrating our fantastic seafood, and sharing experiences and knowledge in an informal setting on a wide range of issues.

Delegates will also be invited to attend Breakout Sessions:

Inshore Fisheries – Crab and Lobster Management

There is growing interest in the management of this key sector which has seen new management measures introduced in recent years and various initiatives to improve data collection. Using the recent survey of static gear effort as its basis, this session will explore future management of the crab and lobster sector particularly with the upcoming inshore fisheries legislation due to be introduced during this parliamentary term. The aim of this session will be to gain a better understanding of management options in the crab and lobster fisheries and explore how the forthcoming Inshore Fisheries Bill could be framed to improve the sustainability of this sector.

Inshore Fisheries Management: A View from Norway

This is an opportunity to hear from, and ask questions of, Norway’s Fisheries Directorate, to
learn how Norway deals with a range of issues including spatial measures – and competing demands for resources from fishermen, evidence and data collection – how do they ensure they have the scientific evidence on stocks etc. to make good management decisions, effective enforcement of fisheries regulations, and how Norway adapts to the increasing pressure from other marine users whether offshore renewable energy projects, recreational users, aquaculture etc.

Marketing the Local Catch

Food consumption has evolved significantly in recent decades with a large growth in demand for “local” or “regionalised” foods. Consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety, food quality and use “origin” as a valuable quality marker. These changes in consumer trends offer a real opportunity for local producers to diversity, find new sales routes and the supply of high quality, locally produced seafood either to consumers directly or through local foodservice outlets. This interactive workshop will showcase existing initiatives and host guest speakers navigating a local sales approach to maximise opportunities and value for their catch.

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