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Demersal Species


recipeDemersal species landed into Scotland are wide ranging and diverse. Each species has a different market, customer base, value and market share.

The principal white fish species landed into Scotland are haddock, cod, monkfish, whiting and saithe (coley). Other species include sole, turbot, pollack, plaice, megrim, ling, lemon sole, halibut and hake.

Haddock & Cod

The main market for haddock and cod is the UK home market, for both chilled and frozen product. The retail market includes independent fishmongers, as well as supermarkets. The foodservice market includes fish & chip shops and restaurants. A small quantity is exported.

Monkfish and Whiting

Although there is a market in the UK for these species, demand is also strong from European countries, which raises their value – especially of monkfish.

Saithe (coley)

Scotland has good quotas for Saithe, but these are underutilised because there is a serious lack of market outlets for this product. It has a darker flesh colour than conventional white fish species, and is generally used in added value products such as pies and ready meals, where the colour passes unnoticed. Germany is the most important export market for Saithe.

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