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Scotland has around 230 processors, most of which are primary. There are also a few secondary processors in Scotland, they concentrate on foodservice and retail supply. Between them they employ approximately 7,000 people with the majority of the employment in the shellfish sector.

Processing is concentrated in Grampian which makes up 51% of all of the processing units and provides 62% of the employment. The Highlands and Islands is the next most important in terms of employment in the processing sector and provides 16% of the processing units as well as 11% of the employment.

Market overview for Scottish seafood – domestic & export

The Scottish seafood sector can be segmented into 3 different product areas, each with a different market: pelagic, demersal (white fish) and shellfish. Although the pelagic sector represents by far the largest volume of landings, the shellfish sector is of highest value. This can be largely attributed to Nephrops or Scottish Langoustine, a top quality product in high demand in continental Europe and attracting good prices.

Scottish seafood is now exported globally, to over 100 countries around the world.

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