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Seafood in Colleges hailed a success

The SSP seafood in colleges programme has been hailed as a success by the 5 colleges who participated in the events.filleting

The aim of the programme was to raise awareness amongst the next generation of chefs, and food and drink sector employees. Topics included the Scottish Seafood sector and its importance to the economy, career options and pathways to work and skills gaps for employers. With the support of the SSP partnership, college tutors used the seafood supply chain for teaching and learning across the further education curriculum.

Filleting and cooking demonstrations featured alongside short talks on sustainability and responsible sourcing, which ensured that students and staff also gained a full understanding of the wide variety of fish and shellfish available in Scotland. Representatives from local seafood businesses also attended the events to showcase their products and to outline potential career opportunities.

The seafood in colleges events took place in Elmwood College, Dundee & Angus College, West Lothian College, Fife College and finally North East College, and were attended by around 450 lecturers and students.

An evaluation of the 5 Seafood in Colleges programme, showed that the events were a success, with those attending being aware of different career options and species to cook, and learning new technical skills for handling and preparing fish. More than 85% found the information relevant to work and study, whilst 84% declared they were confident to use that information. 

Ian Land, Business Development Manager at Seafood Scotland, who were the delivery partner for the programme, said: “The row of studentsseafood industry offers fantastic opportunities for students in areas as diverse as science and technology, new product development, cooking and business management, and it is important that we encourage new entrants at all levels.”

Due to the success of the programme resources and information will now be made available to Scottish colleges and can be used in the future to teach the students about the seafood sector.

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