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Sustainability – It’s about us; Seafood Scotland launch new animation at Chefs Conference

Seafood Scotland launched their new sustainable seafood animation at the Scottish Chef’s Conference to a delegation of Scottish Videostudents and world renowned chefs.

The 10th Annual Chefs Conference kicked off bright and early in the Glasgow City Hotel on Monday, 2 of November. 700 delegates attended the conference which brought together top chefs to demonstrate their talents and inspire their peers.

The audience comprised enthusiastic culinary students, Scottish and international chefs, offering an excellent opportunity for Seafood Scotland to spread knowledge, passion and understanding of what Scotland has to offer on its doorstep.

Top names graced the stage including Michelin starred chefs, Tom Kitchin, Andrew Fairlie and Clare Smyth MBE. Albert Roux also attended the event and the chefs dinner offering inspiration to the young chefs in the audience.

Seafood Scotland took a stand at the Conference which received high levels of traffic and engagement. Students left with seasonality, species and sustainability guides, and recipe books in hand, ready to tackle their courses. 

Craig Burton, Seafood Scotland’s Inshore Manager, introduced the new sustainability video which captivated the audience with fascinating facts and figures about the sustainability of our waters, the steps the industry has taken to preserve stocks and the future plans. The chefs were also given insight into the role that they can play in helping keep fish stocks healthy and thriving.

 View the animation here

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