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Notes on actual landings information & projected landing patterns supplied in these graphs.


  • • Each species landing profiles are based on historical total landings into Scottish ports, averaged for the last three years.
  • • The landings profiles and the actual landings recorded each month relate to Scottish Producer Organisations only. Hence total volumes of each species landed into Scotland will be slightly greater.
  • • Landings are shown for each species into all Scottish ports. NB: Landings into ports are not necessarily fish sold through fish markets.
  • • The Scottish PO profiles may change by small relative amounts over the year as quota allocation changes are made on a month by month basis.
  • • Actual Landings are taken monthly from the Marine Scotland website: "Landings of selected quota species by Scottish PO's by landing port" at the following link: Scottish Sea Fisheries Management Information



  • • Graphs project estimated quota allocations for 2012 at this time. These will be adjusted when more accurate data is made available.
  • • Landings for the latest month may not be fully complete at the time of analysis. Adjustments will be made next month





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