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Blydoit Fish Ltd

Contact Person: James Shearer
Address: Unit 1 Blydoit Industrial Estate Lerwich Shetland ZE1 0UG
Phone: 01595 880011
Fax: 01595 880022
Species Category:
  • Cephalopods
  • Pelagic
  • Shellfish
  • Whitefish
Product Type:
  • Live
  • Fresh
  • Frozen
Other Information: Blydoit Fish was established in March 2003 and has thrived ever since. We now have two fish mongers and a fish processing unit In total we have 12 employees covering everything from the Shop Assistants to our own Fishermen. To promote the best quality and freshest produce, Blydoit Fish also own a 24 meter fishing trawler so that as much as posible of our fish comes direct from our own boat Some of the finest fresh fish, shellfish and natural un-dyed smoked products are available from Blydoit Fish at either of our shops. Vacuum packs are also available for those wanting a tasty treat to take home.
Area: Shetland
Located in: Industry Database

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