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Support services include:

 •  Marketing advice: support on branding, events, digital platforms, business development, new market opportunities, and sources of funding

 •  Facilitating common interest groups: encouraging cross sectoral and industry collaboration to help regional or national challenges

 •  Good practice guides: developing free help sheets to support best practice based around topics instructed by industry, sharing tips for success

 •  Topical workshops/webinars: helping to inform, educate and support on topics led by industry

 •  Local seafood brand pilot study: supporting small scale fishermen and processors to increase the value of their catch

 •  Industry learning journey: sharing success from other regional and local selling initiatives from the UK or wider afield

A range of promotional activities are in place to support the Scottish industry, which include:

 •  Seasonal updates to over 45,000 chefs through the UKs largest chef network

 •  Media and buyer study trips to the industry

 •  Editorial in leading foodservice publications

 •  Attending leading events to educate and inspire buyers and culinary networks


Visit Connect Local website to connect with other useful sources of information including funding, our latest good practice guides and an up to date list of events.

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