The British Retail Consortium (BRC) first developed a food safety standard back in 1998, the aim of which was to enable manufacturers to be independently audited by third party certification bodies to one recognised standard within the food industry which was acceptable to all retailers; thus removing the need for multiple audits to several similar but independent standards.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has become perhaps the world’s market leader in the development of food standards, now in use in over 100 countries. The BRC Standard for Food Safety lays down requirements for a quality management system (QMS) that producers must fulfil to demonstrate their ability to produce safe and legal food products.  BRC Global Standards now exist for ‘Storage and Distribution’, ‘Packaging and Packaging Materials’ and ‘Consumer Products’ as well as Food Safety.

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Numerous revisions to the standard have taken place; Issue 6 was introduced in 2012 and the BRC Food Standard is now often a conditional requirement of suppliers to UK and worldwide retailers. The Standard covers seven key areas within a business; Management Commitment and Continuous Improvement, HACCP, Quality Management Systems, Site Standards, Product and Process Controls and Personnel.

How to find out more

To learn more about the details of the standard and how to engage in the process of certification, the BRC Standards website has a wealth of information. Please visit some of the links below which are aimed at getting businesses acquainted  with the details of the standard, how to interpret and prepare for certification; where to obtain training and find approved certification bodies who can carry out BRC Food Standard certification audits.

BRC Global Food Standard Homepage: click here

FAQ’s: click here

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For further information

Finding an advisory consultant: click here

Finding a certification body: click here


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