Scottish Government's 'Eat More Fish' initiative, for which Seafood Scotland has undertaken a number of consumer-focused events, has resulted in a rise in both the volume and value of seafood sales in the six months since the campaign got off the ground.

According to Nielsen Scan Track till roll data for w/e 03.10.09, total retail sales of seafood in Scotland were up +10% (£8.6m) in value terms and +6% (758 tonnes) in volume, compared with the same period in 2008. This compares with England & Wales in the 24 weeks ending 03.10.09, where total retail sales of seafood were up just +5% in value and down -1% in volume.

Analysis of fresh seafood sales shows the trend to be more pronounced. In Scotland fresh seafood retail sales were up +10% in value (£5.3m) and +12% in volume (579 tonnes) in the 24 weeks ending 03.10.09. Over the same period, fresh seafood sales in England & Wales were up +4% in value and +3% in volume.

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment Richard Lochhead said: "This campaign has highlighted the huge potential for increasing demand at home and abroad for our delicious, healthy seafood.

"Although Scotland is one of Europe's primary fishing nations, we consume far less fish and shellfish than the likes of Spain and Norway. If more people are made aware of the benefits of eating seafood, then they can help our fishing industry at the same as improving their health."

Sarah Holmyard, Marketing Executive with Seafood Scotland, who has overseen the campaign, is also pleased with the results. "We have had really positive feedback from the public, who have obviously taken our messages and recipes on board!" she said.


Visitors to the Good Food Show Glasgow watching how to prepare langoustine

The campaign will continue over the next six months with promotions at consumer shows, in supermarkets, in gastro pubs and in schools, and will also include work with consumer journalists.

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