001aScottish fishermen care passionately about their industry. For them, fishing is not just a job; it is a way of life that has shaped their communities and families. As a result, sustainability and responsible fishing practices are upper-most in their mind, as they work to ensure that the sea continues to provide a living for them and for future generations.

This new Responsible sourcing site highlights the management measures and controls that the Scottish fishing fleet adhere to, whilst giving information on the raft of voluntary initiatives the industry has undertaken to ensure sustainability, to give you peace of mind that the seafood you are sourcing from Scotland has been caught in a responsible manner. It additionally covers fishing methods and their environmental impacts, provides stock advice for Scotland’s top 10 species, and information on the valuable work undertaken by research institutes around Scotland that support the Scottish seafood industry. 

This site has been compiled with the assistance of the Scottish Government, the Marine Scotland Compliance and Marine Scotland Science. It has been funded by Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) programme, the Scottish Government and Seafish.

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