sfpa_fishmeasure2Monitoring and enforcement priorities are determined by overall fisheries management objectives.

Today these are:

To preserve the integrity of the quota management system, the principal threat to which would come from the misreporting of catch areas, the mis-recording of species caught, the landing of fish clandestinely, and any related under-declaration on logsheets of quantities caught.
To enforce pelagic (herring and mackerel) fisheries regulations. This is a high priority function because of the current uncertain state of the herring stock.
To check compliance with Technical Conservation Regulations, which requires verification of the types of nets being used and the sizes of fish being caught and retained for landing.
To enforce the requirements of stock recovery programmes.
These priorities aim to uphold the credibility of the science that forms the basis for decisions taken by Ministers in Brussels each December about Total Allowable Catches and the allocation of quotas.

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