The Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture (CoGP) was first introduced in 2006, it has been widely consulted on within the industry and amongst a broader range of stakeholders to make sure that it is forward looking and supports the continued development of high industry standards.     

The code is regularly updated to ensure that it remains reflective of technical, legislative and environmental advances in fish farming, and aims to be an important tool in the Scottish strategy for aquaculture development.

The code covers all types of finfish production in Scotland and every aspect of the farming process is covered within it. It aims to provide balanced regulation of the industry’s operation; a standardised suite of practices aspiring to high standards of finfish production and provides assurance to industry stakeholders, consumers and the wider public.

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The code contains over 460 requirements detailing good practice criteria which cover: food safety and consumer assurance; fish health and biosecurity; management and protection of the environment; fish welfare; fish feed and fish feeding practice.

The code covers all finfish aquaculture species farmed in Scotland grown in a variety of aquaculture systems.

It is intended that all Scottish fish farms will adopt the code, providing a valued independent verification of industry compliance to the high standards contained within it. Currently, around 95% of salmon and 90% of trout production is farmed under registered and audited fish farmers working to the code.


A Scottish Code of Good Practice Aquaculture Management Group acts as a standard setting ownership body with responsibility for the regular review, revision and updating of the standard. Verification of compliance to the code is undertaken by nominated independent UKAS accredited certification bodies.

Independent auditing of fish farms undertaken by such bodies will establish compliance; report on overall farm status; specify remedial and corrective actions and timeframes for improvement where required.

Contacts and further info:

Extensive details of the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture, its Annexes and farm management areas can be found here: click here

A useful summary of the principles of the code can be found here: click here

Further enquiries should be made to the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation here: click here


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