The Registration of Buyers and Sellers of first sale fish and the designation of auction sites, was introduced into national legislation in Scotland in 2005. It was introduced to improve the monitoring and control of landings of fish, and to ensure that landings are properly recorded and verified.  In effect, is has put an end to landings of black fish.

The legislation requires buyers and sellers of first sale fish and shellfish landed into Scotland and the UK to register with Fisheries Administrations, and to record all their activities.  All auction centres and fish markets where first sale of fish takes place must also be designated.

All designated sites in Scotland have been allocated a designation number and can be viewed online at:http://www.fishregister.gov.uk/scotland/ . There are currently 12 designated auction sites in Scotland for the first sales of fish.  The link can also be used to view registered buyers and sellers.

Not all fish has to be sold through a designated site, but fish sold ‘off market’ can only be sold to a registered buyer, and that buyer is responsible for submitting sales information to the Fisheries Administrations.

A seller is defined as anyone who sells first-sale fish by auction at a designated market, and that person must be registered as a seller. If you only sell direct to registered buyers, then you do not have to register.

A buyer must be registered if they buy first-sale fish direct from a vessel or agent. Buyers do not need to register if they only ever buy at auction from a registered seller at a designated market.  

Buyers and sellers need to be registered with the Fisheries Administration in the country or countries where they trade. In the UK, if you want to operate as a buyer/seller of first sale fish in both Scotland and England, then you need to be registered with each of these countries’ Fisheries Administrations. Where fish is transported out of the UK before it is sold, different arrangements apply and details can be obtained from UK Fisheries Offices.

If you wish to register as a buyer/seller of first sale fish in Scotland then please study the explanatory notes before submitting an application. Both of which can be downloaded here: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Fisheries/Sea-Fisheries/fish-register/application-forms

For further information and FAQs, go to:http://www.seafish.org/upload/file/legislation/BUYSELL%20SUMMARY%20FINALJune%20052.pdf

How is ‘first-sale’ fish recorded in Scotland?

Every registered buyer (individuals, partnerships, corporate bodies or companies) who purchases first sale fish direct from a vessel, must complete a Buyer's Sales Note within 48 hours of the sale and forward it to Aberdeen Fishery Office.

Registered sellers (those who purchase first sale fish by competitive bidding at a designated auction site) must complete a Seller's Sales Note within 48 hours of the sale and submit it to the Fishery Office at the Port of Landing.

In Scotland this sales information can now be submitted online: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Fisheries/Sea-Fisheries/fish-register/sales-notes 

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