UK seafood exporters to the USA need to complete this form to provide seafood origin details, which will allow Defra to add the information to the US Government’s official List of ‘Intermediary Nations and Products’. This list sets out fish and fish products which are imported into a country for subsequent export to the USA. The list will allows the USA to identify and notify countries that may be importing and re-exporting fish and fishery products from a fishery that is subject to an import prohibition under these new trade rules.

Data must be entered into the form for each product (i.e. per commodity code) exported. Seafood businesses which may be considering exporting their products to the USA in the future are also recommended to complete the form. The data will be supplied to the US Government via Defra.

There are limited opportunities for the UK to amend the USA’s official ‘List of Intermediary Nations and Products’. Failure to provide the relevant information may lead to inaccuracies in the UK data which may therefore affect the acceptability of seafood exported from the UK to the USA in future.


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