Brexit Working Group Refocused as PISCES Forum

The Brexit Working Group was set up in summer 2020 by Seafood Scotland to help industry preparations ahead of the UK leaving the Transition Period, with businesses then preparing to trade and operate outside the Single Market and Customs Union. Subsequently, it acted as a forum for response to the implications of having left the Transition Period at the end of 2020.

As things settled over summer 2021, the working group broadened its membership to include more industry representatives, more businesses and a wider range of Government officials. We also started inviting guest speakers to its meetings on a regular basis.

Meetings started to cover a wider range of topics than Brexit although the implications of Brexit were still the core focus of the group’s discussions.

In Autumn 2021, it was agreed that the widened scope and remit should be formalised and that it would be sensible to drop the word “Brexit” from the group’s title to reflect the fact things had moved on somewhat. It was also agreed that group membership should be extended, with small and medium sized organisations and business interests particularly in mind.

The new name for the group is “PISCES” – or the the PISCES forum.

This is an acronym signifying “Policy Issues, Sector Cooperation, Engagement (and) Support” which reflects our broad aims for the group’s purpose and scope.

While a new name and scope has been agreed, the format of the new group will be similar in many ways to the Brexit Working Group unless circumstances necessitate any changes.

There will be a plan to invite more guest speakers in due course and to dovetail announcements of future topics and reflection on previous meetings with Seafood Scotland newsletter publication so that the wider industry is kept abreast of PISCES meetings/discussions/activities.


Meeting Dates

The inaugural PISCES Forum will take place on Thursday 20th January 3-4pm.

Meetings will held fortnightly commencing 3rd February at 3pm on Teams.

If you would like to attend this forum please email


Draft Terms of Reference

January 2022

Group/forum to be referred to as ‘P.I.S.C.E.S’Policy Issues, Sector Cooperation, Engagement (and) Support

  • Group’s purpose and remit is to support industry through public policy, trade and economic developments, as well as ongoing issues following EU Exit, Covid-19 and other specific challenges, and to assist it in response to emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • Group’s scope to cover all emerging issues of interest to group members, broadly in line with but not necessarily limited to the topics noted above.
  • Group to build upon and continue work of the “Brexit Working Group”.
  • Group to meet every two weeks until further notice but regularity to be defined by discussion with and agreement of Group in early 2022.
  • Those invited to nominate a representative for the Group.
  • An appropriate Group Chairperson appointed.
  • Seafood Scotland to provide Group Secretariat.
  • Group meeting agendas to be generated by Seafood Scotland and circulated in advance of each meeting, also allowing for Group members to suggest alternative or additional agenda points.
  • Activities of the Group to be circulated as part of Seafood Scotland’s regular newsletters.
  • Group members to advise on priorities as they see them.
  • Seafood Scotland to focus on these priorities as workstreams whilst also highlighting other key concerns and issues as they arise and updating the Group, as appropriate.
  • Seafood Scotland to produce and update position papers on the priority issues, as appropriate.
  • Group to develop policy positions where necessary and appropriate as soon as they can be agreed, using all knowledge and expertise available.
  • Group’s outputs to include but not be limited to: setting relevant tasks (and deadlines for completion of tasks) as appropriate to support industry; producing & updating position papers as appropriate for informing Govt & other stakeholders; providing & sharing advice for scenario planning; updating and informing stakeholders (including within the Group) on priority issues so that they can implement any changes to functions and operations as necessary/appropriate; review Group progress regularly in context of stated objectives.
  • Group to meet virtually until further notice.
  • Seafood Scotland’s expectation is that the Group’s work will be open-ended and will only be wound down by agreement with the Group.


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