Join us in March 2020, where a group of professionals from Scotland’s seafood industry will travel to North Iceland for a learning journey focused on studying food tourism in the Icelandic seafood sector.

Over five days you will travel as part of a group of like-minded people, meeting some of Iceland’s local entrepreneurs, food producers and tourism businesses. You will learn their stories, their successes and some of the lessons they have learnt along the way.

Designed for busy and innovative professionals, this concentrated programme is a chance to consider new opportunities, strategies for the future, learn new skills, experience new ideas and meet new contacts.

And finally, through the range of businesses we will visit – you will get a taste of Iceland.

Who is the trip suitable for?

The trip has been specifically developed to allow a range of people from across the Scottish seafood industry to come together, from the very start of the supply chain in the primary sector with fishermen and fish/shellfish farmers, to processing, value adding, industry representatives and associations.

The key aims are to;

  • learn and develop knowledge around food tourism
  • explore and generate ideas that could be implemented back home
  • stimulate supply chain development
  • Create a durable network for the delegates on the trip going forward
  • Disseminate knowledge and communications to the wider seafood industry back in Scotland

Can I take part?

Yes! If you or your seafood related business has an interest in developing trade for tourists or food tourism experiences now or in the future. If you are willing to participate fully and you can attend the full trip, we encourage you to apply.

What will be expected of me during the trip?

The most important aspect of the trip is to be fully committed to taking part, have an open mind and enthusiasm for opportunities that food tourism may hold for your business.

You may be asked to deliver an informal presentation about your business or participate in workshop scenarios – it is important that we share such roles among the group and not be reliant on just a few. 

In order to maximise the learnings from the trip to the wider industry back home in Scotland, you will be asked to take part in pre and post communication activity. This may include quotes, pictures, videos, diary style blogs etc. for use by Seafood Scotland going forward.

Does it cost?


Subsidised through the Connect Local project means we can offer this fantastic opportunity to seven people who meet the project eligibility criteria. If selected, each participant will have a substantial part of the costs covered for this 4 night/5-day visit. Each participant’s business/organisation will be required to contribute £450 per person. Each place on the trip is worth in the region of £1,200 per person, including flights, accommodation, transport, meals and admission fees.

Please note that alcoholic drinks, journeys to and from Glasgow International airport and food/drinks/activities during the free period on Wednesday the 4th  won’t be covered by the amount of money contributed and will be paid by the participant.

What happens next?


If you are interested and excited by the prospect of bringing knowledge back to your business and would like to apply for a space on this learning journey, please complete the application form and return it to Clare Dean, Trade Marketing Manager at by 6th December 2019.

Should you have any questions at all about the learning journey, please feel free to email or phone Clare Dean on 0796 639 3973 |

We will notify successful applicants by 13th December 2019 and require delegate contribution of £450 by the 10th January in order to fully secure your space.

All bookings, accommodation and travel reservations will be made on your behalf. We will confirm the final programme; send you a package of pre-visit materials and a full list of participants before we leave. Please be aware that if you subsequently drop-out having accepted a place and paid the contribution, you are liable for all costs incurred on your behalf. It is therefore strongly advised to arrange appropriate travel insurance following written acceptance.


What to expect?


If you’ve never taken part in a vocational learning journey, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see things from new perspectives, to gain practical knowledge, new contacts and experiences to apply in your place of work. It’s no holiday – but there is plenty of time for visiting places that will inspire a return trip one day.


Working to deliver this project alongside Seafood Scotland is Karen Donnelly. Karen has over 25 years’ experience specialising in tourism, destination management, food tourism and training. Having delivered a range of European study trips including Ireland, Italy, Iceland and more, she has a wealth of contacts and relationships which are being used to bring this study trip together.


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