Recruitment and Retention Toolkit brought to you by Scotland Food & Drink Partnership


Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

Brought to you by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership

Recruitment and Retention: A Practical guide for employers

Workforce recruitment and development may be the most important issue for our sector in the coming years, so this toolkit is designed to stimulate some thinking around that, to support your own business journey – and its future success.


How to attract the right people to your business

You already know you need great people in your business. You also know it can be hard to attract and keep them. This guide will help you get adaptable, committed people to work for you – young people about to start their careers, people returning to work or wanting a new direction, and people already experienced in food and drink.


Effective recruitment is vital for every business – you know that already. But it’s easy to overlook that recruitment is not just about finding the right people for immediate vacancies. The people you recruit now can deliver the longer-term success of your business.


If you’ve been in your job a long time, or run your own business, you may not remember just how you felt on your first day or week in your job. But induction – basically what happens when people start – is a crucial part of recruitment and staff retention.


Once you have good people and people with potential, you want to keep and develop them. Having staff who like their jobs and do them well is great for productivity, and developing your people will help look after the future of your business too.


Not everyone wants to be a team leader or manager, but everyone can develop further. They need ongoing development to help them do their current role more effectively and to prepare them to take on new tasks or move into their next role.

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