Scottish Nephrops Industry

Scottish Nephrops Industry

Recommendations for delivering a profitable, sustainable and fair supply chain for the langoustine (nephrops) industry have been set out in a report produced by The Scottish Nephrops Working Group. The industry led Group, independently chaired by Uel Morton and facilitated by Donna Fordyce, Chief Executive of Seafood Scotland, has set out seven strategies and supporting recommendations to position quality Scottish langoustine as the number one choice globally.

This includes proposals to help recover and develop new markets; to improve efficiency, environmental sustainability and product quality; to encourage investment and innovation; and to increase the information available across the supply chain.

A Programme Board – a partnership between industry and the public sector – will co-ordinate and deliver these strategic elements which, in turn, will feed into tactical workstreams, each led by an industry expert.

Read the full report:

Download: Scottish Nephrops Industry Report

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