For our 20th anniversary, we at Seafood Scotland wanted to rebrand to best show off the fantastic seafood industry we have here in Scotland by commissioning a new corporate video.


Each clip portrays the Scottish Seafood industry’s great variety and quality by displaying Scotland’s beauty across the seasons.


Featuring some of our very own fishermen, chefs and even musicians, our videos exhibit some of the seafood found in different regions of our great country during different periods of the year.


The soundtrack is written and performed by Tommy Ashby (who, only last year, toured with Jamie Lawson who accompanied Ed Sheeran!) The singer, originally from the Scottish borders kindly agreed to dedicate one of his songs to our promotional video giving it its tone and ambiance.


For the occasion, we organised an event at the Apothecary in Edinburgh where we welcomed the people who helped us create the videos along with the people for whom we created the films.


Seafood Scotland promote our world-class industry and we’re delighted to be able to show a little bit of what makes Scottish seafood so great.


You can have a look at the videos here:



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