Beyond the Boat – Scottish Seafood Tourism 2022

Seafood Scotland are launching an innovation programme to stimulate new seafood tourism initiatives. The pilot programme for 2022 will work with organisations, businesses and individuals to explore and support business diversification and to establish new tourism opportunities for the Scottish seafood industry.

The ambition is to inspire seafood organisations to exploit the huge growth in food tourism in Scotland. The programme will encourage Scottish seafood businesses to spread risk by diversifying into new and emerging sectors.

The organisation is ideally looking for seafood businesses with an idea that will:

Provide an authentic or innovative experience

Tell their story as an engaging and immersive experience

Answer a question that customers regularly ask

Ultimately increase their revenue
Selected projects will be championed by a dedicated mentors and a hand-picked cohort of leading Scottish business and tourism experts, bespoke to each initiative, to impart specialist advice and guidance to help fast track their idea to fruition.We are reaching out to the seafood industry, local food groups and regional inshore fishery groups across Scotland to hear all ideas for potential seafood tourism projects, no matter how big or small. To help inspire, we have created a Tourism Toolkit to showcase examples of best practise.

If you have an idea or you want to get involved, email to find out more.


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