A UK Market Development Strategy for Scotlands food and drink industry

The UK opportunity for Scottish food and drink businesses is immense. It’s a market where Scotland already has a strong and growing reputation.

In the eyes of many UK consumers, Scotland’s food and drink is unequalled. That’s a powerful and positive opportunity for food and drink producers in Scotland.

Our UK strategy: £17bn in turnover by 2030

How will we achieve this target?

By collaboration with industry partners, the private and public sector,
the UK Market Development Strategy group will deliver:
   Deep relationships with every major retailer and foodservice customer in the UK
  Supplier development programmes to power up our businesses for UK growth
  A Priority Market Programme with tailored activity and support focused on key regions and categories in the UK
  An accreditation development programme for all businesses, supporting them to gain new sales and grow reputation


This will be delivered as a collective effort.

Collaboration and ambition have served us well until now; they’re also the way forward. Not just for the sector as a whole, but for businesses at every stage of growth.

For every £1 of food that is sold overseas, we sell £3 at home, which means there are lots of opportunities to unlock potential in the UK.


It’s time to make the most of our home advantage.


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