“Seafood from Scotland” is the national brand representing the Scottish Seafood industry, from wild capture to aquaculture. It is part of the wider “Scotland – A Land of Food and Drink” umbrella brand covering the entire Scottish food and drink industry.

With recognisable logos, imagery, design and language the “Seafood from Scotland” brand allows the seafood industry to come together under one bigger voice, building Scotland’s reputation as a producer of world-class seafood and allowing it to compete against other national brands globally.  

The “Seafood from Scotland” brand is underpinned by three main values:

Read ourIndustry Trade Toolkit for more information on utilising the “Seafood from Scotland” brand.

For further information on this project visit the Seafood from Scotland website

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Scotland's oil-rich fish like #herring, #mackerel, #salmon, and #trout are high in Omega-3, vitamins and minerals – making them a healthly and delicious choice. 🐟 #SustainableSeafood

Did you know there are 300 different species of scallop? Some of Scotland’s tastiest seafood, scallops make up some incredible dishes like the Indian inspired scallops and tadka dal by Ashkay Borges and traditional seared scallops from Craig Wilson! https://t.co/YbRGGSIhRm

The work Scottish fishermen have done to create a more sustainable seafood industry has led to historic highs in the stock of European #hake and North Sea #plaice! #SustainableSeafood

Today, Scotland’s traditional fishing, farming and production methods still flourish alongside an evolving modern industry; Scotland has created a unique blend of skills, products and industry unlike anywhere else in the world.

From #Shetland to #Stranraer, Scottish seafood has a rich heritage. Our local fishermen and sustainable catches result in seafood unlike any other. 💯 #SustainableSeafood

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