“Seafood from Scotland” is the national brand representing the Scottish Seafood industry, from wild capture to aquaculture. It is part of the wider “Scotland – A Land of Food and Drink” umbrella brand covering the entire Scottish food and drink industry.

With recognisable logos, imagery, design and language the “Seafood from Scotland” brand allows the seafood industry to come together under one bigger voice, building Scotland’s reputation as a producer of world-class seafood and allowing it to compete against other national brands globally.  

The “Seafood from Scotland” brand is underpinned by three main values:

Read ourIndustry Trade Toolkit for more information on utilising the “Seafood from Scotland” brand.

For further information on this project visit the Seafood from Scotland website

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As well as bringing a taste of Scotland to the #JapanSeafoodExpo, we also gave our guests a full #SeatoPlate experience with the help of VR! @NatKBell

We are proud of all the hardworking people who make our #seafood industry in Scotland so successful. 🌊🐟 #LoveScottishSeafood

Scottish producers are proud to say their products are among the world's finest, most consistently exceptional seafood. 💯👌 #LoveScottishSeafood

Our industry's investment in state-of-the-art vessels ensures catching methods are efficient, producing the best quality fish. 🎣 #SeaToPlate

We're celebrating Scotland's amazing whitefish: #haddock, #cod, #saithe, #whiting, #hake, #monkfish . . . whatever your preference, these species don't disappoint, especially when they're from Scotland!

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