Talking About Net Zero

With COP26 dominating the media agenda, it’s no surprise that more conversations are turning to environmental issues and achieving Net Zero. We already know that seafood performs relatively well in terms of carbon emissions -in the context of other food proteins – but it is becoming increasingly important that we do more. Innovation will be key, as will collaboration across the sector. Some companies have already started on a far more sustainable path. But for those that haven’t, where to begin?

Seafood Scotland has conducted discussions across the sector, identifying opportunities for improvement or innovation, and examples of where companies are leading the way. Through the stories they have shared with us, we hope that you might be inspired to consider your own Net Zero journey. We have also included key messaging, which may help as more and more conversations turn to environmental issues.

This is not a plan, nor an end point. It’s a taster of what’s to come, as the industry transforms over the coming decades. We look forward to supporting your Net Zero journey.

Download Seafood Scotland: Talking About Net Zero here.

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